Volunteer at Kvarteret!

What is Kvarteret?

Det Akademiske Kvarter (The Academic Quarter) is the student centre in Bergen and one of the country’s most active culture houses. Every year Kvarteret hosts over 1500 arrangements and everything is organized by student volunteers. We don’t require any previous knowledge to become a volunteer and we give you relevant training and experience that you can carry with you further on in your career. If you’ll be studying in Bergen you’ll have fun times and free coffee at Kvarteret!

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What can you do?

Skjenkegruppen (Hospitality)

Hanna Strand Karlsen

"We operate Kvarteret's bars and cafés, and serve everything from cakes and coffee to pink drinks and dark beer. With us you will learn barista tricks and gain knowledge about beer to impress your friends with."

Vaktetaten (Security)

Jenny Bakkerud

"We ensure that Kvarteret's guests and volunteers are safe when they are with us. We focus on conflict resolution and our volunteers receive both security training and intern experience. With us you will experience nightlife from the other side.”

Videoproduksjon (Videoproduction)

Hedda Dybevik

The videoproduction groups is a group at Kvarteret that produces video- and streamingsolutions for Kvarteret, events and other partners. In this group will you be a part of videoproductions, be it as a director, camera operator, etc.

Produksjonsavdelingen (Production)

Erlend Bastrup

“We produce Kvarteret's program, and ensure that our organizers can carry out over 1500 events each year. With us you'll learn Cultural Production, become familiar with the industry and master logistics and diplomacy.”

Kokkegruppen (Kitchen Staff)

Anita Støyva Sæternes

“We make the food that students eat. At Kvarteret we are a good deal above student canteens and provide restaurant meals at student prices. With us you will learn to make everything from delicious tapas to tikka masala and moist chocolate cake.”

PR-Etaten (Public Relations)

Louise Dahl Alnes Hestholm

“We ensure that Kvarteret is visible everywhere. We run Kvarteret's channels on social media, create advertising campaigns for digital media, write press releases and design all printed publications. With us, you'll learn practical marketing.”

Kraftetaten (Sound & Light)

Nicolai Præsthus

“We control the sound and light at Kvarteret's arrangements and have a wide range of equipment to play with. Kvarteret has some of the country's most intimate venues, and with us you can do light and sound for concerts, theatre, musicals and debates.”
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Experience Kvarteret

Kvarteret, with its 2500 square meters, is one of Western Norway's largest culture houses. The house is made up of 10 rooms, which includes two venues with the capacity for 400 people, one venue with a 200 person capacity, one venue with a 100 person capacity and three meeting rooms. In addition we have three permanent bars: Stjernesalen, Grøndahls and Halvtimen. Virtually all our venues have access to a bar, and Kvarteret altogether has 9 possible bars.

Want to see a bit of the house and what you can experience even before you come to Bergen? Check out the video!

Kvarteret Alumni

Odd N. Sevje
Press Chief, Høyre (Conservative party)
Contributed as the leader of Kvarteret at the beginning of the expansion of Kvarteret's buildings. Has taken this experience with him further, for example as adviser and speechwriter for Erna Solberg (prime minister of Norway).
Øyvind S. N. Kinsey
Developer, Facebook
“Experience from Kvarteret gives you skills beyond your studies that are relevant for me as an employer and for you as an employee.”
Gry Lytjohan
Senior Adviser, Department of Culture
“Practical experience from Kvarteret gave me a more comprehensive understanding of financial operations and management that helped to get me an interesting job.”
Leonard M. Kongshavn
Industry Manager, Google Norge
“Kvarteret gives you the opportunity to explore your creative side, and experience from the organization contributed to the fact that I now have a challenging and fun job at Google Norway.”
Ingvild Tennfjord
Journalist and Wine Enthusiast
“My studies gave me credits and a nice CV. But it was at Kvarteret that I found out what I had a talent for and enjoyed working with.”
Andreas Engesvik
Industrial Designer
Shaped and designed several of Kvarteret's rooms. A known name in his industry and has received numerous national and international awards for his work.
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